Sleep Tight, on go90 (now defunct)
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This is a horror anthology webseries I discovered while checking out a list of shows on go90, after watching the webseries Miss 2059 on that site. (Actually, I guess go90 is mainly a streaming service provided by Verizon for mobile devices, but you can also watch the service's shows on the web, which is what I do.) Anyway... there's just one season of eight short films. Oh, and I should mention that I'm listing the films here in the order they're listed on go90's website, but IMDb lists them in a mostly different order. In fact, IMDb doesn't even list them all in season one. It has six episodes in season 1 and three eps in "unknown." Which adds up to nine, obviously, instead of the eight that are on go90. And some of the films have different titles than what's listed on go90.
...Unfortunately, some time after I watched the series, go90 went defunct. The first couple episodes can be seen on YouTube, but I'm not sure if the rest are available anywhere, right now.

tek's rating:

Feed (12:20)
IMDb; YouTube

This is about a guy who cheated on his girlfriend, so she gets revenge via a service provided, apparently, by a vampire. Or something. I don't really want to say more than that, but it is reasonably creepy. (And I definitely don't feel bad for the guy.)

tek's rating: ¾

The House (13:18)
IMDb; YouTube

I liked this one somewhat better than the first episode. One reason I liked it is because there's a creepy kid named Lily, and I do always (or usually) enjoy creepy kids. She only appears briefly at the start and end of the film, but she's integral to the plot in a way I don't want to spoil... except to say she's kind of obsessed with her older brother, Griffin. (Another reason the film is of interest to me is that Griffin's played by Matt Shively, whom I knew from The Real O'Neals.) Anyway, Griffin and three friends rent a house to stay at for a few days during a fall break from school. His friends include a guy and girl who are a couple, and another girl named Chloe. Griffin and Chloe's friends think he and Chloe should be a couple, but Griffin believes she's not interested in him that way. It turns out he's wrong, but before anything can really happen romantically, weird things start happening in the house, and the situation gets progressively worse for everyone. Anyway, I liked the Twilight Zone-esque twist at the end, although I had seen it coming for some time, because of one of the creepy things that happened earlier. I'm not sure any of it makes sense, but that's not important. It's still a fairly decent little film, I guess.

tek's rating: meh and a half

Riding with the Devil (10:44)

A couple of girls are going to a concert, and they take a ride-share to get there. The driver turns out to be someone they really shouldn't have trusted. And that's all I want to say.

tek's rating: meh and a half

Special Red (11:45)

There's an invite-only mobile game app called "Special Red" that's gaining popularity. A couple of girls are talking about it. One has no interest in it, but the other soon starts playing it and becoming obsessed with it. And I'll just say it's not a game anyone should be playing.

tek's rating: ¼

Blacklight (8:34)

An artist named Harmony is about to open an exhibit of her work. I'm not sure if they're supposed to be paintings or photographs; they look like the latter, to me. Except for some UV-sensitive paint incorporated in each portrait that reveals images that can only be seen with a blacklight. And those images are very creepy. Anyway, she gets into an argument with her friend Claire about one of the images. Then some really creepy stuff happens, none of which I want to spoil.

tek's rating: ½

Teeth (10:41)

First I want to say, there's no episode by this title listed on IMDb, and none of the titles listed there that aren't on go90 sound like this episode. There's one called "Lucy & Celia," and while the main character in this film is named Lucy, there's no character named Celia in it (unless her mom's name is Celia, but she's just listed as "Mom" in the closing credits). And IMDb has no info about the plot or cast or crew.

But anyway... Lucy is getting ready for prom, but she's totally freaking out about a big pimple on her forehead, so she hasn't even asked out the guy she wants to go with. And soon, her teeth start growing into seriously creepy fangs, and other creepy, body-horror stuff starts happening to her face and hands. So she becomes increasingly frantic. Meanwhile, her mom (played by Chase Masterson, whom I mainly know from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) becomes increasingly concerned that Lucy doesn't want to talk to her or let her see her. Eventually things go back to normal for Lucy, and I guess we're meant to think her transformation was all in her head, induced by her insecurities. And maybe it was, I'm not really sure... because there's a twist ending I won't spoil, but it does rather make me think the whole film could be interpreted in either of two different ways.

tek's rating: ¾

Exorsitter (9:38)

A young woman named Marianne is babysitting a little girl named Abby while the girl's parents are out for the evening. But Abby turns out to be possessed by a demon. Marianne calls her friend Bobby to help perform an exorcism, which they're coached through by an online exorcist named Father Mayi. Unfortunately, the house doesn't have very good wifi service. Beyond that, I don't want to say anything, except that this film is really more comedy than horror.

tek's rating: ¼

Scout (10:39)

As mentioned about "Teeth," I don't think IMDb has an entry for this film. And oddly enough, once again the title that comes closest to fitting is "Lucy & Celia," since there is a character listed in the closing credits as "Cecilia," though in the film it sounds more like her father and sister call her Celia. But of course, there's no one named Lucy, so once again, I have to assume that's not what this film is.

Two teenage girls, Hazel and Cecilia, move into a new house with their recently widowed father, and their dog, Scout. Scenes from the humans' perspectives are in color, while scenes from Scout's perspective are in black & white. And in those scenes, we can see that he sees a creepy ghost woman that the humans can't see. Hazel eventually realizes that Scout is trying to warn them, but her father refuses to believe her; he just thinks there's something wrong with Scout. Meanwhile, Cecilia is preoccupied with her grief over their mother's death. Anyway, I don't want to say how it all ends, but it's definitely my favorite film in the series, in terms of creepiness, concept, and heart.

Well, as I've mentioned twice now, one of the episodes listed on IMDb for this series that doesn't seem to actually be included in the series is "Lucy & Celia." Another one listed there is called "Ava & Bugger," and there's no information about it. There's another one called "Des & Tara," which actually does include information about the plot, cast, and crew, which makes it seem extra weird that it's not actually included in the series. And all this makes me wonder if these episodes were released and later deleted for some reason, or if they were planned but never produced, or were released via the mobile service but not online, or... what. But I suppose it doesn't really matter.

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