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Ghost Ghirls, on Yahoo! Screen
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The show is a parody of ghost hunter shows, except that there are actually ghosts (usually). There are these two paranormal investigators, Angelica Byers and Heidi Button, who call themselves the Ghost Ghirls (though they're not committed to that name). Heidi seems to be some kind of psychic, while Angelica is more of a techie. But they can both see and hear ghosts, which no one else does. (At least not usually, though I do feel like there may be some times when others do, too. I could be wrong, though.) Anyway... Heidi is basically an airhead, but when I say Angelica is the smart one... that's really not saying much. They both seem redonkulously, hilariously inept. But in spite of their incompetence, they always manage to get to the bottom of the hauntings they investigate, and almost always help ghosts cross over to the afterlife.

There are some other recurring characters, including Heidi's mother, Joy (played by Molly Shannon), and a guy named Rudy. He's the website designer for Heidi and Angelica, and gives them rides to jobs sometimes. And it seems like he and Angelica might have feelings for each other, though neither one has admitted that so far. Anyway, it's just a really funny show. Oh yeah, and there are lots of cool guest stars. And... I dunno what else to say, but I'm rather disappointed it didn't get a second season.

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