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Deadbeat, on Hulu
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This 2014 web series stars Tyler Labine as a deadbeat medium who helps ghosts finish their unfinished business so they can move on to the afterlife or whatever. So it reminds me of Tyler Labine's 2001 TV series Dead Last. (It also kind of reminds me of the 2013 web series Ghost Ghirls.) In this series, he plays Kevin 'Pac' Pacalioglu, a stoner who is perpetually broke, so he can't pay his rent or much of anything else. Luckily, his drug dealer, Roofie, is also his best (and only) friend. Roofie's not exactly happy about giving Pac drugs for free (or for less than they're worth), but he does so anyway. And he does like hanging out with Pac. The show also includes a rich and famous medium named Camomile White. But in the pilot, Pac learns that she's actually a fraud. And a major bitch. And she has an assistant named Sue, who is nicer than her. (Also, unlike Camomile, Sue actually believes in ghosts.) Anyway, Pac is, of course, funny but kinda dumb. The kind of character Labine excels at playing. As for the ghosts he has to help... well, the ways in which he has to help them are just sort of next-level redonkulous. And um, the show's reasonably fun. And several episodes have guest stars I know from other stuff.

Throughout the first 10-episode season, the rivalry between Pac and Camomile gradually intensifies (though Pac isn't always aware of this, because for several episodes he's hoping they can actually hook up, a delusion which Camomile uses to her advantage). The last couple episodes deal with a subway construction site that's haunted, and the Mayor (played by Ray Wise, who previously played the Devil in another supernatural series Labine was in, Reaper), gives Pac and Camomile a chance to prove which one is better at dealing with the haunting. This leads to a major plot twist, which I won't reveal at this point.

There was a second season in 2015, which I had no idea existed until several months later, and unlike the first season, it required subscribing to Hulu, which I wasn't gonna do. But I expect to catch up on the series someday.

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