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Jessica Jones, originally on Netflix (no longer on that service)
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Caution: potential spoilers.

This was originally released on Netflix in 2015-2019, but since I don't get that service, I wasn't able to see it until it moved to Disney+ in 2022. (Actually, I watched it in 2023, with friends who do get Netflix, but by then it was no longer available on that service.)

Season One
Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) is a comic book character with whom I was unfamiliar before watching this show. She has super strength, and at some point prior to the series tried to be a superhero, but that didn't work out. So now she's a private investigator, with a business called Alias Investigations. Also prior to the series, she spent some time being mind-controlled by a villain called Kilgrave (David Tennant), who forced her to do things she very much did not want to do (including have sex with him). Jessica's best friend is a radio talk show host named Trish Walker, who is a former child star and Jessica's adoptive sister. Jessica also has a neighbor named Malcolm Ducasse with whom she is friendly. And she occasionally does jobs for (and demands favors from) a lawyer named Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss). And she spends some of her time spying on a bartender named Luke Cage, for a reason I don't want to spoil. But I will say that Luke has unbreakable skin, and is pretty strong, himself. At the start of season one, Jessica is hired by the parents of a young woman named Hope Shlottman, whom she discovers is being controlled by Kilgrave. Jessica manages to get her away from him, but he had implanted a command to kill her parents. So Hope goes to prison, and Jessica will have to spend much of the season trying to find and prove to the world that Kilgrave and his mind-control power are real. She soon learns that Kilgrave had forced Malcolm to spy on her, and turned him into a drug addict. He eventually breaks free of control and starts a support group for people who have been controlled by Kilgrave. In Jessica's quest to take Kilgrave down, she receives help from Trish, Malcolm, Luke, and a cop named Will Simpson, who had also been controlled briefly by Kilgrave.

I don't want to give away too many details of the season's plot, but I will say that Jessica defeats Kilgrave in the season finale. I'll also say that Jessica is somewhat of an anti-hero, with lots of flaws, and most of the people she's close to spend at least some of the time being mad at her, for good reasons. (I personally could never forgive her for sleeping with Luke while withholding a very important piece of information from him.) But she's trying her best to make up for things she's done wrong, and at least she's nowhere near as monstrous as Kilgrave. I should probably also mention that Simpson was part of a military program where a doctor named Kozlov had given him pills that temporarily increased his strength, but also messed with his mind. And Trish's formerly abusive mother, Dorothy (Rebecca De Mornay) uncovers evidence of... something I won't spoil right now, but I expect it will become important in later seasons. Anyway, I feel like I'm leaving out possibly too many important plot details, but I also don't want to really spoil anything too much. But it's a very dark, gritty, dramatic show full of interesting (if not always likable) characters. And it's just... really good.

Season Two
Details coming eventually.

Season Three
Details coming eventually.

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