Thanksgiving webseries episodes
(see also Thanksgiving TV episodes)

Christy's Kitchen Throwback
2019: Thanksgiving Feast with Brendan Rooney (the hubby)! (IMDb; YouTube)

Fun Size Horror
2016: Happy Thanksgiving from Fun Size Horror (YouTube)

Grumpy Princess Show
2017: Turkeys are Assholes (YouTube)

Into the Dark
Season 1: Flesh & Blood (Divide/Conquer; Hulu; iHorror; IMDb; Wikipedia)
Season 2: Pilgrim (Hulu; IMDb)

Kids React
2012: Kids React to It's Thanksgiving (Nicole Westbrook) (IMDb; YouTube)

Kids Try
Season 1: Kids Try 100 Years of Thanksgiving Dishes (Epicurious; IMDb; YouTube)

People Vs Food
2017: Pumpkin Pie Speed Eating Challenge (IMDb; YouTube)

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