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Riley Rewind, on YouTube
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I guess this is sort of more a movie than a series. It was released in five acts in 2013, but I watched it in 2017. It stars Anna Akana, whose own YouTube channel I discovered a few days before I learned of this thing's existence. Anyway... here she plays a high schooler named Riley, who has the ability to travel back in time. The show starts out simply enough... there's a guy she wants to ask to prom, but no matter how many times she "rewinds," she can't get him to say yes. And she eventually accepts an invitation from a geek named Trevor. Meanwhile, the only person who knows about Riley's ability is her friend Jay. He manages to get a date to prom with a guy named Quinn. However, a girl named Angela kills herself, and Riley starts trying to save her. (It seems weird to me that no matter how many times she goes back in time she's always too late. You'd think Angela would have always killed herself at the same time, and Riley seems to go back earlier each time, but somehow she's always too late.) Anyway, her efforts to save Angela somehow prevent Jay from getting a date with Quinn. Finally, Riley accepts that she can't save Angela, but then... an even bigger problem happens that she has to try to prevent.

That's all I want to say. Except it's hard to really think of it as a movie, because after Riley fixes things, something happens that seems to be setting up a second season (or a sequel). But that never came to pass. So it's kind of frustrating. But still, this was a decent story.

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