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This series was originally released by Yahoo Screen in 2015. In 2020, it was re-released by Dust.

This is a sci-fi comedy created by Paul Feig, an actor/director/producer/writer who's worked on a number of things I've enjoyed, such as Freaks & Geeks. The stars include Karan Soni and Milana Vayntrub, both of whom I know from separate series of AT&T commercials. Two more of the stars are Joel Hodgson and Trace Beaulieu, both of whom are known for their work on "Mystery Science Theater 3000," though personally I've never seen much of that, so they're not particularly familiar to me. (Besides which, in this show Beaulieu just voices a robot... which is something he also did on MST3K, though on that show he also had a live-action role.) And... I don't think the other actors are familiar to me from anything at all. Anyway, I do find this show amusing.

Soni plays Stewart Lipinski, who in the first episode becomes captain of the starship Cruiser. The year is 2105, about fifty years after the establishment of the Universal Mapping Project, a multi-national space exploration organization. His first officer is his older sister, Karen Lipinski, who resents the fact that all their lives, things that she's worked hard for are basically just handed to him, without his even having to try (at least not very hard). His captaincy is just the latest example of this. Stewart is a very casual, happy-go-lucky people-pleaser, while Karen is much more strict and serious, and their superiors in the U.M.P. find her scary. But in spite of their sibling rivalry, Karen admits that Stewart is good at everything he does. (A fact which is surprising, because most of the time he seems incompetent, or at least he seems not to take things seriously. He's basically an excitable space exploration fanboy. But when necessary, he does make good command decisions. Usually.) The crew also includes second officer Michael Newman, who used to be Stewart's babysitter when they were younger. Back then, they would pretend to be space adventurers, and in their fantasies, Michael was the captain, and Stewart was his first officer. So it's especially upsetting to Michael that not only is Stewart now the captain instead of him, but that he himself isn't even first officer. Also there's a science officer named Kent Woolworth, who only got his position through nepotism, and who's spent his whole life until now living with his mother (and we soon learn some much stranger things about him). And there's an engineer named Zalien Fletcher (Hodgson), who has brain damage due to radiation poisoning, and is therefore not as competent (or at least not as focused) as he used to be. He's been on the crew of the Cruiser for many years, and is a childhood hero of Stewart's. Which, incidentally, means that the ship itself is well past its prime. (Surely longer than any Enterprise was ever in service in the Star Trek franchise.) The ship's navigator is Tina Shukshin (Vayntrub), whom Stewart chose because he has a major crush on her. The ship's A.I., Natasha (who only appears on a screen), was basically just designed to be sexy (in order to motivate the captain to do a good job). Finally, there is a robot called A.R.T. (Beaulieu), who isn't part of the crew and serves no function except making quips. Though actually he's a former industrialist whose mind has been transferred to a robot, as a prototype in a failed business venture. (He's also the best friend of Zalien.)

Anyway... in the first episode, the Cruiser runs into some kind of space anomaly and is transported to another universe. So, this crew full of misfits are now completely on their own, stranded far from home, possibly forever. But Stewart is excited by the opportunity for himself and the crew to become the "greatest explorers in history." And... throughout the 8-episode season, lots of silliness ensues. I don't want to spoil too much, but I will say that Kent and Natasha fall in love. And at the end of the season, the crew meets an alien, and the story ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. So I really hope there will be a second season.

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