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Kids Try, on YouTube
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This seems to have begun in 2015, on Bon Appétit's YouTube channel. The "Kids Try" playlist there has 36 videos, four of which are actually on that channel, and the rest are on Epicurious's channel (which I linked to in the series title). I'm somewhat confused, because the Epicurious videos begin in 2016, but I found a video from 2019 with kids saying they're moving to Epicurious. If that didn't happen until then, I don't know how the latter channel has videos from 2016 onward, but whatever. YouTube works in mysterious ways. In any event, Epicurious's playlist doesn't have those first four videos, but it may have some that Bon Appétit's playlist doesn't have. Also, there seem to be a few more videos on Epicurious's website than on their YouTube playlist. (And the one that are in both places aren't listed entirely in the same order.)

I think the first episode I ever saw was "Kids Try 100 Years of the Most Expensive Foods," from 2018, though I don't recall if I saw it in 2018 or 2019. (I don't remember how I came across it, either. Maybe it was on facebook.) I just know I bookmarked the playlist it was on (Epicurious), intending to watch the whole series from the beginning, which I didn't get around to until 2020. Anyway... I can't help but assume this series was inspired by Kids React, of which I may have seen a few videos before, but never really thought about watching the whole series (until I started watching this series). Oh, I also want to mention that in looking for links for "Kids Try," I discovered you can look up individual episodes on IMDb, but not the series as a whole, which is weird. They treat each episode like an individual short film. *shrug*

Anyway, the series is just about kids trying different foods, and each episode has a theme, usually (but not always) "100 Years of..." whatever. And it's not actually 100 years, they go by decades. Which is definitely a time-saver. I do want to say that the specific foods attributed to each decade are surely not things that everyone in that decade ate or had necessarily even heard of. (A lot of it seems to be things only the trendiest people would eat.) On the other hand, there are some things from earlier decades that are still common in the present, so I'm a bit surprised that the kids trying them often have never heard of them. And of course, there are several kids in each video, and they may have different reactions to the same foods. Which isn't surprising, because taste is notoriously subjective (to the point that the sensory term is commonly used to describe differing opinions about things that have nothing to do with food). But whatever, none of this is really important. All that matters is that the show is really cute and amusing. (And it might seem like a series I should list under "kid stuff," but really I think it's gotta be more amusing for adults to watch. But it's for all ages, I guess.)

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