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Kids React, on YouTube
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This started in October 2010, but I didn't start watching it until February 2020 (at which point the series was still ongoing). So I have a lot to catch up on, but that's okay, because the videos are short and totes adorbs. And funny. So, basically, there are a bunch of different kids of varying ages (from like 4 to 14), who are shown stuff like viral videos, pop stars, memes, movie trailers, etc. (Of course, the roster of kids changes over the years, and some of them would later appear in "Teens React.") Mostly it's silly stuff, but occasionally it's a serious subject. Anyway, the kids are all filmed separately (aside from a pair of twins), watching the same video, so we can see how they react while they're watching it. Then the show's producers (who we don't see) ask them questions about what they just watched. And the kids answer those questions, give their thoughts and opinions and whatever. Mostly the reactions are cute and/or funny (particularly from the younger kids), but there can also be some wisdom (from kids of any age), as well as some disturbing reactions. And I guess I don't know what else to say, it's just a really fun little show.
In April 2022 it moved to a new channel, where they gradually upload old vids, as well as adding any new vids.

The series has spawned several spin-offs on the same YouTube channel, a few of which I watched after I got caught up with this one.

Teens React
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This started in 2011, and I think I started watching it in early 2021, possibly late 2020, a little while before I got caught up on "Kids React." It's basically the same, but with older kids (14-19), some of whom were originally on "Kids React". And I enjoy it probably about the same as I liked Kids React. So, I dunno what else to say.

Adults React
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This started in 2015, and I started watching it in the middle of 2021, after getting caught up with "Teens React". Some of the reactors were previously on "Teens React" and some are new. The playlist includes some videos from other spinoffs "Parents React" and "College Kids React", neither of which I know if I'll bother watching separately. I really feel like I'm getting my fill of "React" series with just three, probably. But anyway, it's fun.

I want to say about any of the "React" series that they're good ways to learn about other YouTube content that you (and certainly I) may not have been aware of (no matter how hugely popular it may already be). I personally don't really tend to go check out the stuff that people react to on these shows, but I still enjoy learning about it.

College Kids React

This started in 2016, and I started watching it, probably in late 2021 I guess, or maybe very early 2022. I forget. Anyway, it's basically the same as Adult React, except with less of an age range of reactors. I don't know what else to say.

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