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Council of Geeks, on YouTube
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This YouTube channel started in 2012, but I didn't discover it until 2022. So I've been watching some of the videos, which began with skits featuring three geeky characters, one of whom was played by Nathaniel Wayne. The majority of the videos, however, are just Nathaniel doing reviews of movies and TV shows and stuff like that. I skip most of the videos either because I haven't seen the things being reviewed or because some of them don't interest me that much. But I do still watch a lot of them, especially videos about Doctor Who, Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, animated films (in a segment called "Animation Junkie"), Gotham, etc. Sometimes totally random stuff. I don't always agree with absolutely everything Nathaniel has to say about the things he's reviewing, but I always appreciate his perspective. And I do agree with his opinions mostly, I guess. And reviews of things it's been awhile since I've seen make me want to re-watch those things. Occasionally, Nathaniel is joined in his reviews by a couple of guys named Ryan Daly and Paul Scavitto. And sometimes Nathaniel is joined by his partner, Liz.

In January of 2018, Nathaniel came out on the channel as genderfluid, and acknowledged having another YouTube channel where they're called Vera Wylde, and present as more feminine. I've watched maybe a few videos on that channel to help me get a better understanding of their gender identity, but I don't expect to watch much more of the channel, as I'm more interested in what they talk about on Council of Geeks. But I do appreciate knowing just a bit more about their experience. And I don't know what else to say about that, except that I've obviously switched from using masculine to gender-neutral pronouns for Nathaniel. For the time being, I still tend to think in masculine pronouns because he mostly presents as male on Council of Geeks. But he started doing fairly regular videos about LGBTQ+ representation in media, in addition to the more frequent videos about various geeky topics.

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