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Z: The Beginning of Everything, on Amazon
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This is a period biographical drama, set mostly in the 1920s. It's based on the book "Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald," by Therese Anne Fowler (which I haven't read). Basically the only reason I wanted to watch it is because it stars Christina Ricci. She plays Zelda Sayre, who marries writer F. Scott Fitzgerald a little ways into the series. I'm afraid I've never read any of Fitzgerald's books, haven't even seen any movie adaptations of them (as of the time I watched this series). But anyway, we get to know a bit about each of the two main characters individually, before they even meet each other. And then we get to see what their life is like together, which has lots of ups and downs. And of course there are plenty of supporting characters. I don't really know what else to say about the show's plot. I didn't really like the show as much as I hoped I would, even though it's fairly interesting. There were plenty of times throughout the 10-episode first season that I wasn't sure I'd even finish it, but I did. And it ended on something of a cliffhanger. Until then I wasn't even sure if the series was meant to be just one season or not. It turns out it was meant to continue, and I guess a second season was announced, and then cancelled before it began. I'm a bit surprised to find that I'm a bit disappointed there won't be another season. But you know, not too disappointed.

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