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Hollywood Stargirl (PG), on Disney+
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This is the sequel to Stargirl. I'm not sure which movie I liked more, but I've given them the same rating, anyway. Stargirl and her mother, Ana (Judy Greer, replacing the original actress), move to L.A, when Ana gets a job as a costume designer on a movie. Stargirl soon befriends her neighbor, Evan, who had written a screenplay that his older brother, Terrell, will direct. But first they need to make a sizzle reel, to try and find funding for their movie. Evan is going to star in the movie, and he wants Stargirl to be his costar and to sing in the movie. While visiting Terrell at Forte, the bar where he works, Stargirl gets on stage for open mic night, and her singing impresses one of the regular patrons, whom Terrell calls "Table 6". Stargirl recognizes her as a singer from the 1990s named Roxanne Martel (Uma Thurman), and wants to cover one of her songs for the sizzle reel, but Roxanne refuses to give them the rights. But she lets Stargirl and Evan use her piano when they write a song of their own. Stargirl also has an initially grumpy neighbor named Mr. Mitchell (Judd Hirsch), who soon warms up to Stargirl. He used to be a movie producer, and gives her an old camera to help with the sizzle reel. And over the course of the movie, Stargirl and Evan develop romantic feelings for each other.

Well, more stuff happens, but I don't want to spoil any of it. I will say I think some things come a little too easily to Stargirl and her new friends to be entirely believable. But they're all good characters, and it's charming movie.

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