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Stargirl (PG), on Disney+
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This is based on a book I haven't read. It was released in March 2020, but I didn't see it until March 2021. It stars Grace VanderWaal, who was already a bit familiar to me for at least a couple of her songs. She plays the title character, Stargirl Caraway, who has been homeschooled most of her life, but suddenly starts attending high school during the junior year of Leo Borlock, with whom she eventually develops a relationship. (Leo narrates the movie.) Leo has a group of friends who produce a talk show at their school called "The Hot Seat," hosted by Kevin Singh (the only one of Leo's friends who matters much to the plot of the movie). And um... Stargirl's quirkiness soon makes her popular, as she's considered a good luck charm for the football team, which had never won a game until she started singing with the cheerleaders. She also enters a debate competition, which Kevin won the last two years. We also see a bit of Leo's widowed mother. And a guy who runs like a dinosaur park or something, who is friendly with Leo, named Archie Brubaker (Giancarlo Esposito). And... I dunno, a bunch of stuff happens that I don't want to spoil, and I really don't know what to say about most of it anyway.

Well, for much of the film I was somewhat underwhelmed, and thought I'd probably only rate it one smiley. But eventually it got more interesting. I always kind of liked Stargirl, but other than her character I found a lot of the movie just a bit boring. I think it got better when it turned out Stargirl wasn't as perfect as she seemed, but I don't want to go into detail about that. Or anything else. But anyway, I ultimately found the movie reasonably interesting, I guess, and I'm glad to have seen it.

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