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The Princess (R), on Hulu
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The movie has more of a concept than an actual plot. An unnamed medieval princess (Joey King) awakens locked in a room at the top of a tower, and has to fight her way down through countless enemies, being a total badass. We see occasional flashbacks to the events leading up to the situation, as well as scenes of the princess being trained to fight by a woman named Linh. The princess refused to marry a lord named Julius (Dominic Cooper), who then invaded her father's castle with his army. As the princess makes her way down the tower, she is eventually joined by Linh, who helps fight Julius's warriors, including his consort, Moira. Then the princess tries to free her parents and little sister, Violet, from the dungeon.

And that's all I want to reveal of the story. There's not much more to it, anyway. It's got a bit of humor, and a nicely feminist ending, but mostly the movie is just a ton of wicked cool badassery. If you're into that kind of thing, it's definitely worth watching.

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