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YouTube is something that I, and probably most people, think of as a video-sharing site to which anyone can upload content. It has been used, over the years, for all kinds of things, much of it not intended to be professional, or serialized, or anything. But it's also been used by many people who created actual series that they wanted to make available online, generally for free. And in 2014, YouTube itself started a subscription service called "Music Key." The service was rebranded as "YouTube Red" in 2015, now featuring content other than just music. In 2018 it was split into "YouTube Premium" and "YouTube Music." Personally, I've never subscribed to any YouTube service, and I'm not sure if I ever will. At this point, I'm not aware of any premium content that I have a major desire to watch, but there probably are some shows on the service that I'd like if I did check them out. For now, though, I still think of YouTube as a good site to find all kinds of video content for free, including countless independently made webseries. So it's that kind of thing that I'll list here. (If I ever do subscribe to the premium service, I'll have a subheading on this page for such shows.)

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