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This website was announced in 2006, so I was waiting for it to start for a couple of years before I actually got to watch anything on it. And at first, I mainly thought of it as something for watching TV shows, whether just episodes I happened to miss when they were on TV, for some reason; or series I had no chance to watch on TV, because I didn't get whatever channel they were on. But in 2011, the network also began streaming original content, so I watched a few of its shows. For years, Hulu had some shows (whether original or acquired) that could be watched for free, without a subscription, as well as some content you had to subscribe to the network to watch. I only ever watched free stuff, but in late 2016, the network became subscription-only, and I couldn't afford to subscribe. (Besides which, my internet was often too slow to watch things online, anyway.) However, in December 2018, I began subscribing for the first time (having taken advantage of a deal that would last for a year). Anyway, I'll list some shows I've watched over the years, both with and without subscribing.

stuff I've seen:

Hulu Originals
The Awesomes
Escape My Life (no longer on Hulu)
Holly Hobbie
Huluween Film Fest
Into the Dark
Mother Up!
RocketJump: The Show (also on YouTube)
Veronica Mars (season 4)
What Lives Inside

Acquired Series
Moone Boy (Sky One, UK)
The Wrong Mans (BBC Two, UK)

Viz Media
Inuyasha: The Final Act (Yomiuri TV, Japan)
Sailor Moon (TV Asahi, Japan; new dub 2014-16)

stuff I want to see:

Castle Rock (A.V. Club; Crave)
Crossing Swords
Dimension 404
Future Man (A.V. Club)
The Great
The Handmaid's Tale
Light as a Feather
Looking for Alask (miniseries)
Marvel's Runaways
See also web films I want to watch

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