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Okay, this is a website with (hopefully) funny short videos. It launched in January 2007. I have watched very few of the videos on the site. I'm sure there are tons of them I'd enjoy if I did watch them, but I probably won't ever bother with many. It's kind of random (and rare) that I become aware of anything on the site, so... here's just a list of the few things I've seen. (It's possible I've seen some things that I've completely forgotten about, but I should remember to add anything else I watch after starting this page in October 2014.) Also, at some point Amazon cobbled together some previously released FoD shorts for a webseries called Totally Real Movies Coming Soon.

(Before I started breaking up my web reviews into different categories or genres, I just had one index page that listed things as either "webseries" or "websites," and I wasn't sure which I should call this, but I went with "websites." Later, when I started making categories for webseries, I first thought I'd put this- and CollegeHumor- under "anthology." But I soon changed my mind, and listed both sites under "networks.")

Scary Girl (4:08; live-action)

From October 2011. This is the first thing I specifically recall watching on the site (though I had been aware of the site probably since 2007, and I very probably had watched something before this). I guess I discovered the video sometime in 2014 (maybe April), when I was working on my Creepy Kids in Pop Culture page. It stars Chloe Moretz, of whom I'm a fan from several things. In this video, she portrays a child actor who always plays creepy girls similar to Samara from The Ring (because that's what her character in the video is like in real life). Anyway, I found the video reasonably amusing.

Killer Falls Victim to Horror Cliches (4:55; live-action)

From January 2012. I watched this in 2017 after searching for "horror" on the site. The title pretty much tells you all you need to know. It's a really funny twist, I think, having the ridiculous things that normally work against victims work against the killer, instead.

Honest Scarecrow (2:11; animated)

From September 2013. This is a parody of the short film The Scarecrow, which itself is basically a nifty long-form ad for Chipotle restaurants. While I like the ad, I also really like how the parody cleverly points out the ad's hypocrisy and manipulativeness, and whatnot.

The Exorcism (4:06; live-action)

From October 2013. An exorcist encounters an old frenemy. I first saw this on YouTube in 2017, as an installment of Crypt TV.

Mary Poppins Quits (2:45; live-action)

From July 2014. I probably watched this right around the time it was released, but I don't actually remember how I discovered it... if someone linked to it on facebook, or I read about it in a magazine or some other website, or what. But anyway, it stars Kristen Bell, of whom I'm a fan from several things. Here, she plays Mary Poppins, in a musical indictment of America's sub-poverty line minimum wage. Seriously funny and serious social commentary. Nice.

Mario and Peach Break Up Over GamerGate (1:55; live-action)

From November 2014. The title pretty much says it all. Anyway, I found it reasonably amusing, I guess.

Climate Change Denial Disorder (1:36; live-action)

From April 2015. Title says it all. Reasonably amusing.

The Shocking Truth About Planned Parenthood (2:19; live-action)

From August 2015. I guess there have been some bullshit anti-Planned Parenthood propaganda videos full of ridiculous lies. I haven't seen those videos. But just being aware of them makes this video funny. (It's strange how much comedy is used to spread truth, these days.)

Climate Change Deniers' Anthem (4:05; live-action)

From December 2015. A faux charity single type of song (ostensibly paid for by faux Koch brothers), with a bunch of celebrities singing about how climate change isn't real. It's pretty funny, and the song's actually not bad.

Holy Sh*t (You've Got To Vote) (3:08; live-action)

From November 2016. I saw this because Felicia Day posted a link to it on facebook, though her part in the video is pretty small. Really, everyone's part is pretty small. It's a whole bunch of celebrities (led by Rachel Bloom, with whom I'm not really familiar) singing a fake charity single type of song, encouraging people to vote in the upcoming election, because Donald Trump is so horrible. Anyway, it's a reasonably amusing video, I guess. And while I didn't know all the stars, a lot of them were familiar. And I totes agree with the message.

They Finally Made a Handmaid's Tale for Men (2:39; live-action)

From June 2017. I first saw this in July 2019, when it happened to show up in my facebook feed. It's a parody of The Handmaid's Tale (which I still haven't seen, but it's on my list of things to watch). A guy named Manfred narrates a fake trailer for "The Handman's Tale." It's pretty ridiculous... the men wear the kinds of clothes the women wear in "Handmaid's Tale," and Manfred talks about all the ways they're being subjugated by women... which doesn't really sound bad. It's just a spoof of all the ways MRA's in real life think women are ruining their lives, which is, of course, bullshit. So anyway, I liked it, because it's always fun to mock MRA's.

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