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Life Hacks for Kids, on DreamWorksTV (YouTube)
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Late one night in early 2018, I was watching a webseries on go90. And then I decided to browse the site to see if there were any other webseries I might be interested in checking out. I randomly decided to watch "Life Hacks for Kids," which had eight episodes on the site. It was cute and fun and amusing, even if I was way older the target demographic. So I wanted to see if there was more of the series elsewhere, and there was. There are a lot more episodes of "Life Hacks for Kids" on DreamWorks's YouTube channel. So I started watching that.

Season 1
The series was originally hosted by Sunny Keller. In each episode, she shows viewers how to make various things using common items. Most of them are of no particular interest to me, but some of them do seem like they might be useful for anyone, not just kids. Mostly, though, I continued to watch the show because Sunny is really funny, in an adorkable kind of way. (I'd say a lot of her jokes are what might be called "dad jokes," which are even funnier, IMO, coming from a young girl. For some reason.) And for some of her hacks, she briefly adopts various silly characters or accents or whatever. Also at the start of each episode, she sings (and plays on the ukulele) the short but totally catchy theme song. (Season one began in December 2014, and ran for 109 episodes, until February 2017.)

Season 2
This season began in February 2017, with the first episode cohosted by Sunny and the new host, Gillian Alaire Espina (who hosts alone, thereafter). She sings the same theme song as Sunny did, but rather than playing ukulele, she plays... um... a Solo cup, or whatever. And basically the show remains the same as ever, with various crafty hacks and silly jokes. So, it's still fun. Eventually, Gillian's sister Angeline becomes a frequent co-host. And then, Gillian goes back to hosting alone. Until episode 100, when she's joined by a new hacker named Jordyn Curet, who continues co-hosting through episode 103, in February 2019. In the final episode of season 2, Gillian and Jordyn are joined by Sunny, and it's announced that Jordyn will become the new regular host of the show.

Season 3
This season began in February 2019. Jordyn sings the familiar theme song, while playing, like, a small guitar. And I dunno what else to say, just yet. (Except that you might want to click the link for the complete series to keep up with episodes, since new eps don't seem to always be added to the season 3 playlist in a timely fashion.)

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