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These webisodes are a tie-in to the TV series DC Super Hero Girls (unrelated to the earlier webseries of the same name). The webisodes started being released on a weekly basis, two months prior to the debut of the TV series, which I haven't been able to watch, since I don't get Cartoon Network. The webisodes were preceded by a theatrical short called #TheLateBatsby (all webisodes and TV episodes have titles that start with hashtags). Unlike the earlier webseries, the characters in this show attend an ordinary high school in Metropolis, rather than a school for super heroes. So they maintain secret identities.

The central character is Barbara "Babs" Gordon, aka Batgirl (Tara Strong), who recently moved from Gotham to Metropolis with her father (who is unaware that she is Batgirl). Her group of friends (and super hero team) includes Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman (Grey Griffin); Kara Danvers, aka Supergirl (Nicole Sullivan); Karen Beecher, aka Bumblebee (Kimberly Brooks); Zatanna "Zee" Zatara (Kari Wahlgren); and Jessica Cruz, aka Green Lantern (Myrna Velasco). Anyway, the shorts involve both crimefighting and (relatively) normal high school stuff. It's all very wacky and amusing and fun, and I guess I don't know what else to say about it. (Oh yeah, the theme song, "Super Life," is done by Kay Hanley of Letters to Cleo. So that's cool.)

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