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Rainbow Rocks, on YouTube
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Prior to the September 2014 release of the animated movie My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks (the second movie in the franchise), there was a series of eight shorts (set in the human world) released online between March 27 and June 19, 2014. I first saw them on May 30, 2015, prior to a repeat airing of the movie on TV. (After that airing, there was a "special" that repackaged the shorts in a different order, but I didn't see that.) Anyway, they're all pretty cute and fun, as you would expect.

Music To My Ears: DJ Pon-3 walks around listening to techno music on her ubiquitous headphones.
Guitar Centered: Rainbow Dash and Trixie have a shred-off to see who gets to buy a new guitar they both want.
Hamstocalypse Now: Rarity is overwhelmed by a bunch of hamsters, whom Fluttershy then charms with her tambourine.
Pinkie on the One: Rainbow Dash tries to find a drummer for her band, which obviously should be Pinkie Pie.
Player Piano: Rarity gets some boys to help move a grand piano across campus for band practice, but she ends up using a keytar instead.
A Case for the Bass: When Granny Smith mistakenly sells Applejack's bass guitar, AJ has to get it back from the pawn shop (whose owners seem familiar).
Shake Your Tail! and Perfect Day for Fun!: a pair of music videos by the Rainbooms.

In April 2015, three music videos based on "Rainbow Rocks" were released online:
My Past is Not Today (by Sunset Shimmer)
Life is a Runway (by Rarity, of course)
Friendship Through the Ages (by the Rainbooms).

Friendship Games, on YouTube
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Throughout August 2015, five prequel shorts to the movie My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Friendship Games were released online, and on Discovery Family. However, I didn't see them (or the movie) until 2018. As usual, the shorts are all very cute and funny.

The Science of Magic: Sunset Shimmer is trying to learn how magic works in the human world. So, she does a scientific study of her friends' magical ponification when they play their instruments. But the results are inconclusive.
Pinky Spy: Rainbow Dash is trying to spy on athletes at Crystal Prep High School, who will be Canterlot High's main competition at the Friendship Games. But when Pinkie Pie shows up to help, will her natural enthusiasm turn out to be too un-stealthy for a spy mission?
All's Fair in Love & Friendship Games: Best friends Lyra Heartstrings and Sweetie Drops (aka Bon Bon) unexpectedly turn into fierce competitors in Canterlot High's tryouts for the Friendship Games.
Photo Finished: Vice Principal Luna asks Photo Finish to take some pictures for Canterlot High's yearbook. But her extreme artistic methods may be a bit more than anyone can bear.
A Banner Day: Luna assigns Flash Sentry, Micro Chips, and Sandalwood to design a banner for the Friendship Games. But will their conflicting artistic visions ruin the project?

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