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Bad Hair Day
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Based on the series Grimm. This is a series of four webisodes that streamed in 2013, during the hiatus between the two halves of the show's second season, though I didn't watch it until 2014. It's about Bud coming into Rosalee's Spice Shop, looking for a remedy for baldness ("for a friend"). And that's all I'll say about that, but it was amusing.

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A series of four webisodes that streamed in 2013, shortly before the premiere of the show's third season, though I didn't see it until 2014. It starts with Sgt. Wu and his partner canvasing the neighborhood, when they stop in at Bud's workplace and inform him that there've been "reports" in the area. They don't say what kind of reports, but it becomes clear a bit later, when a crazy guy shows up and attacks Bud, who locks himself in a walk-in freezer and calls 911. The story ties into what was going on at the end of season two. I guess it was reasonably amusing, but I liked it less than I did "Bad Hair Day."

Love is in the Air
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This streamed on Valentine's day, 2014, in the middle of the show's third season, but I didn't see it until two months later. It has four parts, like the first two web miniseries, but it was released all at once as a single video. Anyway, it's set on Valentine's Day, and Juliette is hosting an "Elegant Endeavors" party (a fictional party plan type of company, I guess). Rosalee is helping, and a few of Juliette's other friends are attending (it's nice to know she actually has some other friends). When the company rep shows up, it turns out to be a man, which none of them were expecting. And a bit later, Rosalee figures out that the rep must be a Ziegevolk. I don't want to say any more about the plot, but for the most part it seemed pretty ludicrous to me. There's a twist ending that I liked, even though I saw it coming... I kind of thought it made the story worthwhile.

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