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Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana, on YouTube / Geek & Sundry / VRV
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This is a show created by Wil Wheaton, about a group of people playing a science fantasy RPG. Wheaton, of course, is the Game Master. I guess it's a spin-off of his other Geek & Sundry show, "TableTop," which I don't watch, because I'm generally not all that interested in watching people play games. But I decided to give this show a chance, and I liked it a lot more than I expected to. The story itself, within the game, is okay. But the real fun lies in watching Wheaton and the others interact with each other as they play the game. (Mostly we just see them sitting around talking and rolling dice and stuff, but there's also some cool artwork that depicts the characters and settings.) Aside from Wheaton, the players include Hank Green (whom I mainly know from SciShow), and a couple of voice actors with whom I'm familiar, Laura Bailey and Yuri Lowenthal, plus Alison Haislip, with whose work I'm not really familiar. The five of them are really funny, and they're clearly having fun, so viewers can experience fun vicariously, I guess.

Anyway... the world in which the RPG is set is called Valkana, on which there live various races. Thousands of years ago, there was a major war in which the forces of chaos were led by a woman known as the Prophet Dhawan. They were defeated by great heroes, and since then Valkana has basically been peaceful (aside from the usual sorts of adventures that might happen in any world where RPGs take place). But now the ancient forces of chaos may reawaken, and it will be up to four new heroes to stop it. (Though it's about halfway through the first season before it really becomes clear to the heroes that they're going to end up involved in a more epic adventure than any they've had before.) The heroes are a female rogue saurian named Aankia (Green), who travels with a little robot named Jeremy; a female rogue half elf/half dwarf named Kiliel (Haislip); a male mage half saurian/half orc named S'Lethkk (Lowenthal); and a female warrior human named Lemley (Bailey), who has a cybernetic leg and arm (and her arm has a retractable blade called Dr. Lobotomy). The four of them travel together as performers, but of course they always end up getting into battles. And... as the story progresses, we learn a bit about the tragic backstories of each character. In the course of their adventures, they meet a rich and powerful (possibly sinister), ancient elven man named Mr. Voss, who starts them on the path toward the real battle, against Dhawan, who has been imprisoned for centuries. Voss wants them to ensure she isn't reborn. After they battle the Prophet, the season ends on a cliffhanger....

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