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Outlands, on YouTube / Geek & Sundry (but it's been removed from both sites)
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An animated comedy (in a faux 8-bit video game style) about a group of inept space explorers whose mission is to kill all life on alien worlds, to clear the way for Terran land development, like building Walmarts and stuff. (Ostensibly they're supposed to kill all "hostile" life, but they seem to automatically consider all life hostile.) Their ship is the Titanic II - THX 2001. The captain is Sgt. Skill, who is basically like a typical drill sergeant. The newbie crew includes a doctor named Winston (voiced by Dana Snyder), whose main attributes in this show seem to be that he's fat and annoying. And there's a bland guy named Ben, who is basically the only sane, remotely competent guy. And there's a smart-ass named Hutch, who basically says and does whatever he feels like at any given moment. And there's a "mandroid" named Mac, who controls the ship, and stuff. And he's sarcastic. In the first ep, Hutch accidentally kills Sgt. Skill, but he later gets reanimated, though without much of a brain. Ben wants to become the crew's new leader, though no one else seems to have an interest in having a leader at all. In episode 2, Felicia Day joins the cast as 84, a woman who had been rescued and trained by Sgt. Skill at some point in the past, but then was in cyrostasis for some reason, until Hutch accidentally revives her while trying to make microwave popcorn. She's definitely more skilled and intelligent than any of the guys on the crew, but her long-term memory has been affected by the cryofreeze. And... right now I don't know what else to say about the show, except that it's pretty funny. Unfortunately, shortly after the first season ended, the show disappeared from the internet without a trace.

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