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This show is co-hosted by Xavier Woods and Dani Fernandez, neither of whom I had ever heard of before I started watching this. However, when I started writing this review, I learned that Woods is a professional wrestler. (I guess Fernandez has done other stuff, too, but she doesn't have a Wikipedia page, at the moment.) Anyway, each episode has a specific theme for types of anime that might appeal to non-anime fans who are already fans of specific genres of entertainment. So, whatever the theme is, Xavier and Dani talk about a few examples of such anime. And other people in the anime industry also talk about those animes. And I guess Geek & Sundry has some kind of partnership with FUNimation to produce the show, so there are people from that company who do some advertisement for FUNimation at the end of each episode. And, um... well, some of the things that Dani and Xavier recommend are things I've already seen and enjoyed. Some of them are things I already want to see, but haven't yet. Some of them are maybe things I've never heard of, which I can then add to my list of things I want to see. And maybe a few of the things they recommend I still won't have any interest in. But whatever, I enjoy the show both to hear people talk about things I already like and to provide recommendations for things I haven't seen. And Xavier and Dani are kind of goofy, which is fun. And I guess that's all there is to say.

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