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Riese: Kingdom Falling
Hulu; IMDb; Riesepedia; Syfy; TV.com; Wikipedia

I guess this was first on YouTube or something in 2009, and sometime thereafter it moved to Syfy.com. And maybe it aired on Syfy, the actual TV network, in 2010. But I never saw it there. I think I probably watched the first episode online, around the time I watched The Mercury Men on Syfy.com, which would have been in 2011. I don't even remember being aware of it before that, but I may have been. Anyway, I never got around to watching any more of the series, and I don't remember if that was because I didn't care for it, or... just because. So maybe one of these days I'll give it another go.

Riftworld Chronicles
CBC (Canada only); facebook; Geek & Sundry; IMDb; official website; Wikipedia; YouTube

This 8-episode series is based on a short film called The Portal.

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