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Caution: spoilers.

The Orville, on Hulu
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Season 3: New Horizons
The Orville originally aired for two seasons on FOX, before moving to Hulu for its third season. I believe the season was originally supposed to premiere in fall 2020, but due to production delays and the Covid-19 pandemic, it was pushed back to June 2022. I want to say I find it a bit ironic that the season is called "New Horizons", considering just how many callbacks it includes to events from the first two seasons. But there are definitely some changes. Like the addition to the cast of Ensign Charly Burke. She has some special ability that comes into play once in awhile, but her most thorough defining feature is her hatred of Isaac (and all Kaylons). The Planetary Union also comes close to establishing peace with the Krill, but that is thwarted when a religious extremist is elected ruler of the Krill. Later, the Moclans are expelled from the Union (for reasons I won't get into), but Bortus and his mate, Klyden, remain on the Orville. And the Union develops a new weapon that forces the Kaylon to accept an alliance rather than continuing their war against all biological races. Also, I continue to have mixed feelings about the relationship between Isaac and Dr. Finn. And a ton of other things happen throughout the 10-episode season that I don't want to spoil.

All in all, I'd say the show has gotten better with each season, and I hope there'll be another season sometime. There are still things about it I don't love, but in general I think it works pretty well at this point.

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