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What If...?, on Disney+
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This animated anthology series is based on comic books that I haven't read. The animation is done by computer but it's cel-shaded to look somewhat like traditional animation. I guess it's technically part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I don't really think of it as canonical, or anything. Anyway, each week we see a different story where some familiar part of the MCU plays out very differently in an alternate universe. The series is hosted by a cosmic being known as the Watcher. So far I'm enjoying it pretty well. And I don't know what else to say right now. Except that by the end of the first season, it doesn't seem exactly like an anthology series anymore, because things start to tie together, at least for one episode. Which was cool, I guess.

Season 1
Ep 1: Peggy Carter becomes a super soldier instead of Steve Rogers, and becomes known as Captain Carter. She eventually winds up in the present, though in a very different way from how Captain America did in the familiar universe. Ep 2: T'Challa becomes Star Lord instead of Peter Quill. Ep 3: someone is killing all of the world's greatest super heroes. Ep 4: Dr. Strange goes mad, becomes Strange Supreme, and pretty much destroys his reality. Ep 5: Zombies! Ep 6: Killmonger saves Tony Stark's life, but goes on to kill a bunch of people, and becomes Black Panther. Ep 7: Thor parties on Earth. Ep 8: Ultron, having gained the Infinity Stones, sets out to eliminate all life in the Multiverse. The Watcher attempts to stop him. Ep 9: The Watcher assembles a group of characters we've seen throughout the season (plus a variant of Gamora I don't think we had seen before, and Black Widow) to battle Ultron. They become the Guardians of the Multiverse.

Season 2
Ep 1: Nebula, now a member of the Nova Corps, investigates a conspiracy in a sci-fi noir episode. Ep 2: Ego gets Peter Quill to attack Earth. Ep 3: Happy Hogan... saves Christmas when Justin Hammer takes over Avengers Tower. Ep 4: Iron Man meets the Grandmaster on Sakaar, and teams up with Korg and Valkyrie. Ep 5: Captain Carter and Black Widow team up, along with Steve Rogers, and do some stuff. Ep 6: The Tesseract crashes into pre-colonial America, and a Mohawk woman named Kahhori (Devery Jacobs) gains super powers from it. (Most of the dialogue was in the Mohawk language.) Ep 7: Odin banishes Hela to medieval China, stripping her of her powers. She meets Xu Wenwu, tries and fails to steal his Ten Rings, then studies martial arts in Ta Lo. And stuff. Ep 8: Captain Carter helps stop a catastrophe in 1602 England. Ep 9: Captain Carter teams up with Kahhori to try to stop Strange Supreme from feeding a bunch of heroes and villains into a forge he'd made to recreate his universe. The season ends with the Watcher taking Carter back to her universe "along the scenic route". Anyway, I think I mostly liked this season a bit more than the first season, so I slightly increased my rating of the series.

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