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Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi, on Disney+
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Caution: potential spoilers.

This is an animated series of short films based on the Star Wars franchise, set around the prequel era, and done in the style of The Clone Wars. It's sort of an anthology series, but not quite, in my opinion. Because the episodes (which range from about 13 to 19 minutes long) are in chronological order, showing character development for both Ahsoka Tano and Count Dooku.

Life and Death
Ahsoka Tano is born, and about a year later her mother takes her out hunting. But they become the hunted. It turns out alright, though, which leads to an important realization about Ahsoka. I loved the animation, and the story was pretty good.

Years before the Episode I, a Jedi and his padawan are sent to rescue the kidnapped son of a senator, and end up siding with the kidnappers, who have been impoverished by the senator's policies. The Jedi is so angered by the senator that he nearly turns to the Dark Side, but is stopped by his padawan, whose identity I don't want to spoil.

This seems to be set around the same time as "Justice", with two Jedi, Dooku and Mace Windu, traveling to a planet to collect the body of another Jedi who had been killed there. While Windu doesn't want to do any more than that, Dooku insists on investigating her murder, and uncovers motives that remind me of "Justice", and make him begin questioning the Jedi's loyalty to the Senate.

The Sith Lord
Set around the time of Episode I, we see Dooku engaging in nefarious activities. After his former padawan, Qui-Gon Jinn, is killed by Darth Maul, he confronts his own new master, Darth Sidious. He's followed by Jedi Master Yaddle, who tries, and fails, to bring him back from the Dark Side. It's a very dark and powerful episode.

Practice Makes Perfect
Set during the Clone Wars, Anakin trains Ahsoka by getting her to try to deflect blaster fire from a bunch of clone troopers. He believes droids are too predictable, so for Ahsoka to be safe on the battlefield, she must be ready for anything.

It begins shortly after Episode III, with Ahsoka covertly attending Padme's funeral. She's spotted by Bail Organa, who offers to help her if she ever needs it. Years later, Ahsoka is working on a farm under an assumed name, but one of her coworkers turns her in to the Empire. I won't reveal how it ends, but it's another powerful episode.

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