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I Am Groot, on Disney+
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This is a series of shorts (about 5-6 minutes each) about Baby Groot, which seems to be set sometime between the first two "Guardians of the Galaxy" movies.

Season 1

Groot's First Steps
Baby Groot is still growing in a pot, tended by robots. But then they replace Groot with a bonsai tree, which seems to make him jealous. His attempts to reclaim his spot eventually lead to his pot breaking, and he begins learning to walk. It's a reasonably cute and amusing short, I guess.

The Little Guy
Baby Groot builds a tower out of twigs, and it soon gets destroyed, which really upsets him. Then he discovers a civilization of bug-sized creatures, and... that's all I wanna say.

Groot's Pursuit
Baby Groot is startled by a mysterious sound one night, and goes to investigate. It takes awhile, but he finally finds what he's looking for. And that leads to dancing. It's funny.

Groot Takes a Bath
Baby Groot finds a mud puddle and decides to bathe in it. He soon finds that the mud causes leaves to grow all over his body, at least temporarily. So he has some fun using the mud in various ways. It's cute.

Magnum Opus
Baby Groot collects various things from around the ship to make a portrait of himself and the Guardians, and causes havoc in the process. There's an appearance by Rocket, who likes the portrait, but not the damage Groot has done.

Season 2

Are You My Groot?
Baby Groot plays mama to a newly hatched baby bird. I didn't particularly care for this one.

Groot Noses Around
While rooting around in a box of junk looking for batteries for his video game, Baby Groot gets an artificial nose stuck to his face, and goes around the ship smelling different things. I found this one reasonably amusing.

Groot's Snow Day
Baby Groot has some fun on a snowy planet, where he builds a snowman and then turns it into a robot, which turns out to be dangerous. So then Groot has to defeat it. It was an okay short.

Groot's Sweet Treat
An ice cream spaceship is flying by, and Baby Groot is desperate to find some coins to buy a treat. (The ship is playing a techno version of The Entertainer, which seems very Earth-centric, but whatever.) This was a really fun short.

Groot and the Great Prophecy
This episode is narrated by the Watcher, who expects Baby Groot to fulfill an ancient prophecy. Unfortunately, Groot has other things on his mind. It was fairly amusing and cute.

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