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Caution: spoilers!

Season One
The first thing I want to say is that this series contains graphic violence with lots of blood and gore. So if you have a weak stomach, it may not be for you. Personally I'm not a fan of that kind of thing, but it is necessary for the story that's being told.

Anyway, there's this 17-year-old guy named Mark Grayson, who has known since he was a little kid that his father, Nolan (J.K. Simmons) is from a planet called Viltrum. What's more, he's actually Omni-Man, the most powerful superhero on Earth. His identity is known to few people, including his wife and Mark's mother, Debbie (Sandra Oh); and Cecil Stedman (Walton Goggins), the director of the Global Defense Agency. And I guess Donald Ferguson, a high-ranking member of the GDA, also knows. Mark has a best friend named William Clockwell, and eventually starts dating a girl named Amber Bennett. It's when Mark is 17 that he first gains super powers himself, including great strength and flight. He soon becomes a superhero, calling himself "Invincible". He joins a group called the Teen Team, and befriends one of its members, Atom Eve (Gillian Jacobs), who attends Mark's school. There are lots of villains seen throughout the series, but the most common ones are the Mauler Twins (Kevin Michael Richardson), who are actually clones. (At least one of them is, but whenever one of them is killed, the survivor makes a new clone, and it's unclear whether the original is still alive or not. Anyway, there's always two of them.)

So, here's the first big spoiler: At the end of episode one, Omni-Man murders the Guardians of the Globe, the number one superhero team on Earth. The reason for this isn't revealed until the season finale, and I'm not going to spoil that, yet. Meanwhile, no one has any idea who killed the Guardians, and Omni-Man spends a lot of time training Mark to use his super powers. There's also a demon detective named Damien Darkblood (Clancy Brown), who investigates the killing of the Guardians, and comes to suspect Omni-Man. He's eventually banished to Hell by Cecil, but he leaves behind a notebook that Debbie finds, leading her to suspect her husband of the murders. This is later confirmed for her by Art Rosenbaum (Mark Hamill), a tailor for superheroes who analyzes the blood stains on Omni-Man's costume.

Anyway, Cecil asks Robot (Zachary Quinto), a member of the Teen Team, to become the leader of a new roster of Guardians of the Globe, and to choose who its members will be. They include several members of the Teen Team, including Atom Eve, Rex Splode (Eve's boyfriend, though they eventually split up), and Dupli-Kate. New Guardians who weren't in Teen Team include Monster Girl (Grey Griffin), Black Samson (Khary Payton), and Shrinking Rae (Griffin). And when Eve breaks up with Rex, she leaves the Guardians to be a solo superhero. I, um, can't remember if Invincible joined the team or not... probably not. But he does still work with them a lot, as well as working alone, or with Eve.

And... I'm not sure what else to say, right now, though I'm leaving out characters and events that will likely become more important in future seasons. I guess I could mention that before the end of the season, William and Amber both learn Mark's secret identity as Invincible, and in the finale, they also learn Eve's secret identity. Anyway, it's a pretty intense show, both in terms of the fights and the drama. I guess I'd call it "cool", but it's not as fun as that word implies, because of how dark it all is. Anyway, I definitely look forward to seeing how the story progresses in the upcoming seasons.

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