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GO! Cartoons, on Cartoon Hangover (YouTube)
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This is an anthology series of 12 animated short films from various creators, similar to a previous anthology from Frederator, Too Cool! Cartoons. The shorts debut every other week between November 2017 and April 2018. Any one of them could serve as a pilot, if it gets picked up to become a regular series. Or not. Anyway, the ones I've seen so far are reasonably amusing, though actual quality can vary, for obvious reasons. And I dunno what else to say.

The Summoning (5:38)
IMDb; YouTube

There's like a catgirl or whatever, named Claire, who's trying to make a potion to summon a demon to get rid of some scum. But she hasn't got one of the ingredients she needs. Meanwhile, a catguy named Edgar comes over to her place, wanting to hide from a bunny named Fluff Top, who was mad at him for stealing something of hers. Soon, Claire and Edgar leave on a quest for the missing ingredient. Other than that I don't want to spoil anything, but it's all fairly cute and amusing and twisted. And it was directed by Natasha Allegri, who's previously made things like Bee and PuppyCat, and you can definitely see a similar visual style and comic sensibility in this short. So I liked it, and I expect if this became a series, it's something I'd enjoy watching more of.

Boots (5:39)
IMDb; YouTube

Boots is a cat who is a hoarder, and one morning he (or she, I'm not sure) spies a chair on the sidewalk across the street, which his neighbor Chad was throwing away. So he makes a bunch of attempts to take the chair for himself, but things keep going very badly for him. I guess the short was okay, but it's not really something I'd want to see more of.

City Dwellers (5:39)
IMDb; YouTube

A beaver named Biff and a walking tree named Bruce take a job walking a woman's pet ninja dog, Marty. They're supposed to make sure Marty doesn't get involved in any fights with samurai, but of course they fail at that. Anyway, the short is pretty weird. It was okay, but not something I need to see more of.

Rachel and Her Grandfather Control the Island (5:39)
IMDb; YouTube

So there's this woman named Rachel, and she and her grandfather have crazy plans to secretly control the island they live on. At the start of this short, Grandfather returns to their lair after having failed at setting up surveillance robots made of trash cans. Because there's a law against trash cans. So they go to see the president of the island to make him get rid of the law. But when they get to his office... things get really weird in a way I don't want to spoil. But it all ends up working out for them. Anyway, this is probably the weirdest of all the really weird shorts in this anthology. I kind of wouldn't mind seeing this become a series, but I also definitely don't mind not seeing it become a series.

Nebulous (5:38)
IMDb; YouTube

A couple of people named Shea and Kale, and a robot called EG (or "Egg"), are driving through space to make a delivery, but things soon go very awry. It's weird and amusing, but it's not enough to go on, for me to judge whether I'd like to see it become a series or not.

Welcome to Doozy (5:38)
IMDb; YouTube

Some sort of bunny girl named Ex makes onigiri for lunch to impress her coworker, Skeletim, on whom she has a crush. But her friend Lou casts a spell on the riceballs to bring them to adorable life. Unfortunately, she doesn't finish the spell, and it turns into a curse. But there is a happy ending. It's definitely a very cute and amusing show, and I think I'd like it to become a series.

Both Brothers (5:38)
IMDb; YouTube

Brothers Klod and Tod want to go snowboarding, but the snowboarding mountain is closed because the weather is too nice. So they start complaining about the sun, and the other people who want to snowboard have their own complaints about the sun for other reasons. So the sun gets offended and turns herself off. After that they all have fun snowboarding, but later of course, things get too cold, and everyone blames the brothers. So they have to find a way to convince the sun to turn back on. Yeah... weird. It was okay, but not something I need to see more of.

The Bagheads: Get Trashed (5:37)
IMDb; YouTube

A brother and sister (who both have bags for heads) have an epic battle over which one has to take out the trash. There were maybe a few gags I found kind of amusing, but mostly I found this short fairly "meh."

Tyler & Co. (5:37)
IMDb; YouTube

Sooooo.... a group of things live together... and... stuff happens.... I guess. Man, I really don't know what to tell you. It's weird, but it's very chill. I liked it, and I'd like to see more of it.

Kid Arthur (5:38)
IMDb; YouTube

King Arthur and his arch-foe Mordred are kids living in the modern era. Mordred is constantly summoning magical beasts to kill Arthur, who fights them off with Excalibur. Meanwhile, they have to go to elementary school together, and no one seems to notice all the magic and mayhem that goes on. It's pretty damn funny.

Thrashin' USA (5:37)
IMDb; YouTube

This guy named Pau wants to go to the skate park for some skateboarding with his friend Gaby, but before he can, he breaks his skateboard. He has another one, but it had been taken from him some time ago by a neighbor named Mrs. Tracy, after he had accidentally thrashed her azaleas. Now he tries to get it back, but ends up being forced to take on several challenges before she'll let him go. It was a pretty fun little cartoon, and I particularly liked some lampshade-hanging at the end. So I wouldn't mind seeing more of this... but I probably wouldn't mind not seeing more, either.

Pottyhorse (5:37)
IMDb; YouTube

This is the worst thing I've ever seen.

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