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Cleopatra in Space, on Peacock
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Caution: spoilers.

I don't subscribe to Peacock, so I couldn't watch this when it debuted in 2020. (Actually, it previously aired on TV in some other countries, but I still think of it as a web series, though I might change my mind about that.) But I'm watching it in 2021, now that it's been added to Hulu. I want to say that I really like the theme song, which mostly sounds like American pop, but it has some vaguely Egyptian-sounding bits. It's sung by Lilimar Hernandez, who voices Cleopatra in the series. Anyway, the series is definitely made for a much younger age demographic than me, but I find it very cute and funny and kind of cool.

Season One (13 episodes)
We first meet Cleopatra in ancient Egypt on the day before her 15th birthday. She's very spunky, and wants to have adventures, though she fears her whole life has been planned out for her, and it doesn't involve adventures. But she discovers a hidden tomb, where she finds a tablet that transports her 30,000 years into the future on an alien planet. She's immediately attacked by robots called Xerxs, which work for an evil emperor named Octavian. She's rescued by an alien girl named Akila (a Vevosonian) and a cyborg boy named Brian, and meets a talking cat named Professor Khensu. They're excited to learn that she's the real historical Cleopatra, about whom there's a prophecy that she will save the Nile galaxy from Octavian. They take her to the planet Mayet, and introduce her to a council of cats who are in charge of the half of the galaxy Octavian hasn't yet subjugated or destroyed. The council is led by Khepra, who tells Khensu to enroll Cleo in P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. (Pharaoh Yasiro's Research Academy and Military Initiative of Defense), and not to let anyone know who she really is. Cleo just wants to go home, but there doesn't appear to be any way to send her there/then.

Cleo becomes roommates with Akila, and she and Brian become her new best friends. Cleo doesn't like studying very much, except for combat training, and she turns out to be quite the badass. She soon makes an enemy of another student named Callie, who resents her superior skills. And Cleo develops a crush on a student named Zaid. It's also eventually discovered that Octavian has a spy at the Academy, so much of the season deals in part with trying to figure out who that spy might be. Other than that, Cleo and her friends have a number of adventures in the course of their training, sometimes being sent on low-level missions. By the end of the season, they learn who the spy is, but there are extenuating circumstances. (I don't want to spoil anything about that yet.) Cleo also finally has her first direct confrontation with Octavian. And she discovers the Uta tablet which had transported her into the future, and learns there is a second tablet called the Ata, and if Octavian obtained both tablets he'd become unstoppable.

Season Two (6 episodes)
Cleo and her friends spend some of the season looking for the Uta tablet. (I'm a bit confused about the Uta and Ata tablets, and whether Octavian has one already or not. I thought the good guys would be searching for the Ata tablet this season, but I guess I was wrong.) On one mission Cleo acquires a new alien pet critter named Mihos. Akila and Brian try to have a relationship, but they end up getting one each other's nerves too much. And plenty of other stuff happens. In the season finale, Pharaoh Yosira joins Cleo and her friends on a mission to destroy Octavian's Xerx factory, and they end up in a battle against Octavian, who wields the Sword of Kebechet. But in the end they succeed in their mission, and Yosira uses the sword against Octavian, though he recovers it after the heroes leave the exploding space station.

Season Three (7 episodes)
Um... Cleo and her friends have various adventures, while continuing to search for the Uta tablet, which they finally find near the end of the season. (And Octavian does possess the Ata tablet, but it seems like no one's sure how to activate either tablet.) And it turns out there's a traitor at PYRAMID, but I won't spoil who it is. Also Brian reprograms a Xerx, which becomes like a son to him and Akila, and is named Eyeball. And Octavian invades Mayet and takes over, but Cleo and her friends manage to escape. Oh, and an important secret about Octavian is revealed, but I won't spoil what it is. And um... I dunno what else to say, except there's a mad scientist cat named Dr. Queed who works at PYRAMID, but I forget what season he was introduced in. I just had to mention him somewhere in my review, because I think he's really funny. Anyway, the season ends on a cliffhanger, so I really hope there'll be a fourth season sometime.

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