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Bravest Warriors, on Cartoon Hangover (YouTube / VRV)
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This came out in 2012, but I didn't see it until 2016. It was created by Pendleton Ward (no relation), who also created the TV series Adventure Time and worked on the webseries Bee & Puppycat and the TV miniseries Over the Garden Wall, among other things. Anyway, so like... if you've seen any of those things, you know his sense of humor and weirdness and whatever. If you like (or love) any of those things, you will like (or love) this webseries.

Anyway, it's set in 3085. There's like this sort of teenage superhero team with guys named Chris and Wallow and Danny, and a girl named Beth. Chris and Beth are best friends, and Chris also has a mad crush on Beth, though I don't think she knows that. (And he's totes not the type to complain about shit like "the friend zone.") And there are some recurring characters, like an Emotion Lord, who... well, he's just weird. And he has weird powers (as emotion lords do). And Beth has a friend named Plum. And of all the hilarious characters, I think my favorite is Catbug. And... I dunno, all kinds of weird shit happens, and it's freaking awesome. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to watch every season, since starting with season 3, they've only been available on VRV. But hopefully I'll get to see more of the series someday.

There are also some comic books that I'd like to read sometime.

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