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Bee and PuppyCat, on Cartoon Hangover (YouTube)
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Season one
This started in summer of 2013 as a two-part short, in the Too Cool! Cartoons web anthology. This particular entry in that series was super popular and then there was a super successful Kickstarter campaign to develop it into its own series, which premiered in November 2014. Which is when I first learned of its existence. So, I watched the first two episodes of the series, then watched the original short (which I should have watched first, but I guess I wasn't aware of it until I looked up information about the series after watching the new episodes). Anyway, it was created by Natasha Allegri, a writer and storyboard artist on the TV series Adventure Time. This webseries is definitely similar to that show in its look and feel, which is awesome and hilarious and totally surreal. And awesome. Oh, and there's a comic book series, which I'd like to get, but I have no idea when I might do that. Aside from "Adventure Time," there are probably other things I could compare the show to, like maybe Milk-chan or the "Scott Pilgrim" comics (which I haven't read yet but I love the movie). Actually, my very first thought when I started watching it was that it vaguely reminded me of something that could have been made by Studio Ghibli. Anyway, there are probably other similar things, but it's also pretty unique.

So, um... there's this sort of odd young woman named Bee, who has a friend (and potential love interest maybe) named Deckard, who lives with his sister, Cas. And Bee has this mysterious creature named PuppyCat (who supposedly looks like a cross between a cat and a dog, but it really just looks like a cat, to me). PuppyCat talks in some weird alien language, which Bee seems to understand (but for the rest of us, there are subtitles). PuppyCat and Bee get assigned bizarre temp jobs in space, by a sort of interdimensional cube thing with tiny wings and a face, called Temp-bot. For now, there's nothing else I can say, except that I adore the animation and the voice acting and the writing and everything. I just fell in love with the show pretty much instantaneously, when I started watching the first episode.

Bee and Puppycat: Lazy in Space (aka season 2), on Netflix
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This is considered either the second season or a reboot of the original series. According to the internet, the first three episodes (out of 16) were remakes of elements from the original YouTube series, but I don't remember them as being anything like the original series (so I should probably rewatch that sometime). Anyway, I think this season is pretty much the same in tone, but it seems to me like there's more of an overarching plot than the original series had, even if I still don't understand it. Bee and Puppycat still do lots of weird temp jobs on weird alien planets or whatever, but also spend a lot of time on their own world (which I presume to be Earth, though I don't think that's explicit, and it has its own bizarre elements, too). This season, Deckard is away at culinary school, but we do see his family a lot, including Cas, and characters I don't think were in the original series (or maybe I've just forgotten them, another reason I should rewatch season one). They include Deckard and Cas's brothers, Crispin, Howell, Wesley, Merlin, and Tim. And I couldn't manage to keep them all straight or remember much about any of them individually. (I wouldn't be able to name them all here without Wikipedia as a reference.) There's also a crazy wrestler woman named Toast who frequently attacks Cas, and is impregnated by Merlin. And there's a young boy named Cardamon, who is Bee's landlord, and has a pet dog named Sticky, who thinks she's married to Puppycat, even though Puppycat doesn't really like her. Cardamon's mother, Violet, is apparently in a coma, and sheds tears that... do weird stuff. And there's a group of space warlocks that are trying to catch Puppycat, for reasons that aren't exactly clear. I mean, it may be made a bit clearer by the end of the second season, but I'm still pretty confused. Despite none of this making sense to me (or maybe in large part because of it not making sense), I continue to love the series. And I feel like there absolutely needs to be another season to explain a lot of dangling plot threads. But I don't know if or when that might happen.

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