Volcano Mountain banners: main page

Back in "the day" (in this case, the early 2000s), I had a message board hosted by ezboard, and I made lots of banners for it. That later became Yuku. Later still, I moved to Proboards. On ezboard, I had a random image script that, you know, randomized my banners. I don't remember if that worked on Yuku or not, and it certainly didn't work on Proboards. I also couldn't have different banners in each forum, anymore. And eventually, even my Proboard disappeared. So now I have no more message board, which I guess is okay, because people had long since stopped going to my board, anyway. Still, I miss it, and I decided to set up an archive of banners I used throughout my board's lifetime. Not every banner, but probably most of them. There are some I'm not proud of, in these more enlightened days, but even those I'll probably include for the sake of posterity or nostalgia, or whatever.
The banners on these pages will be listed in no particular order.

Note, I'm gonna break these up into different categories so there aren't too many images on any one page. Some categories will be for various forums I had on my board, but I won't always be sure whether a banner was used in a specific forum or not, so I'll make my best guesses. There's also a category for holidays & seasons, which would have been used on the main page of the board at certain times of year.

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This might be the first banner I ever made for the board. I certainly think of it as the default banner. It features a picture of Mojo Jojo's lair atop Volcano Mountain (for which my board was named), from The Powerpuff Girls. Why'd I give my board that name? I can't remember. Probably no reason.

This one is based on a bumper (or "eyecatch") for Cowboy Bebop. It's probably one of the oldest banners I made, and one of my favorites. I could put it under "animation", but I think of it too much as a "main page" sort of banner.

This was to mourn the passing of Mako Iwamatsu, best known to me as the voice of Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

I could have put this under "animation" since it features Misty (and a few pokemon) from Pokemon Chronicles, but I decided to put it on the main page because it became the permanent banner for my old Yuku board once I moved to Proboards.

This was possibly the first banner I made featuring Veronica Mars. I don't remember for sure if I had it on the main page or in some forum, but since it doesn't mention a specific forum, I'm guessing the former.

Just a little animated gif extolling the virtues of Volcano Mountain, i.e., explaining what the board was for. (Actually, this is so small I'm not sure if it was used as a banner or something else.)

Tina Fey, from 30 Rock.

This is probably the second banner I made featuring Veronica Mars. (I obviously made this after the first season ended, so it's pretty spoilery.)

This is animated (it takes awhile for the second frame to show up, because I wanted people to have plenty of time to read the first frame). It's based on The Twilight Zone, so it could have gone in the "speculative fiction" forum, but I'm fairly sure I used it on the main page. Probably.

This is based on Pushing Daisies. I would have expected it to be in the "Multi-tainment Extravapalooza" forum, where I have another "Pushing Daisies" banner, but since this doesn't specifically mention that forum, maybe I used it on the main page.

This is K-9, from Doctor Who. I'm not sure, but I'm guessing I made it when I switched to Proboards, or maybe when ezboard switched to Yuku.

This was my third banner for Veronica Mars. I'm not sure if it was on the main page or "Multi-tainment Extravapalooza", but I'm guessing the former. It's one of the banners I'm not so proud of, because objectification. That's kind of a cool font, though. I wish I knew what it was.

This is slightly animated. The images are taken from a commercial for Dodge Caliber. The odd thing is the first image calls the fairy "relaxed", but she really wasn't relaxed in that part of the ad. I just repurposed the images. It's pretty random, but I liked the ad.

I assume I used this on the main page. It has elements of both speculative fiction (Firefly) and animation (Avatar: The Last Airbender), but I don't think I used it in either of those forums.

We really, really do.

This might have appeared in the speculative fiction forum, but I'm pretty sure I used it on the main page. It's based on "Star Trek", but I think at the time I used it, it referred to some specific problem going on, like arguments on the board or something. Maybe arguments on other boards, which I didn't want on my own board.

Once again, just mentioning some of the things the board was for. (Referring to VM as "teh second best board evar" was almost certainly an allusion to "The Adult Swim Message Board" being the first best. But that's gone now, too.)

This was sort of a reference to Baskin-Robbins, I guess (even though I don't think I've ever been to one), as well as the Ani DiFranco song 32 Flavors (though I was probably only familiar with Alana Davis's cover), and just the fact that my board, at the time, had at least 22 forums.

I think someone may have said something about Volcano Mountain's banners not looking very classy, or whatever, so I made this in response.

This is based on Arrested Development. The image was from a Burger King ad that somehow tied into the show, I guess. Not sure if I used it on the main page or Multi-tainment Extravapalooza, but I'm guessing the former.

I have no idea what to say about this.

This features Kirk from Gilmore Girls.

This is based on a slogan from the U.S. Army.

This was my attempt to make the board self-referential or whatever. It may have also been inspired by something else, possibly a banner from another board, but I don't remember for sure.

This is based on the restaurant Denny's. Don't ask me why. (Because I have no idea.)