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The Young Ones, on BBC Two (UK)
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Four undergraduate students: Rick, Vyvyan, Neil, and Mike, live together and um... don't ever seem to go to class or do laundry or go shopping or work or indeed do much of anything. Anyway, they're each very different sorts of people. Rick is... well, I really can't quite describe Rick. Bit of a git, I suppose. Vyvyan is a punk. Neil is a hippie. Mike is supposed to be cool and like a ladies' man or something, I guess. Maybe a preppie. And they all seem to hate each other, especially Rick and Vyvyan, and there's a fair amount of slapstick violence. Anyway, they're all awfully hilarious and insane and strange. It's an oft-times surreal show and always breaks at one point for a song from some cool band such as Madness. I couldn't possibly think of the song "Our House" without thinking of this show, and vice versa. Yes, this is absolutely crazy and classic and essential and bizarre and cool and hilarious and stuff. There are only 12 episodes, and I doubt I've seen all of them. Nor do I remember much of anything specific about the show, just a vague sense of the characters and how crazy and funny the show was. I really should try to see it again someday.

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