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The Rising Son, on Cartoon Network
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This ran for just four episodes in 2009, airing at 5am. I don't remember it well at all, not even whether I liked it or not. I definitely didn't like it a lot, anyway. But I suppose it was sort of interesting, as an exercise in absurdism (intentionally bad writing, acting, and production). It's a sort of parody of the life of Jesus Christ, so it could easily offend a lot of people, I imagine. But it was intentionally ridiculous, so it would be ridiculous to take it seriously enough to really consider it blasphemous, IMO. Mostly it's a parody of bad soap operas, so I almost feel like soap opera fans have more of an excuse to be offended than Christians. Though really, everyone should just either find it funny or else stupid and not worth caring about one way or the other.

Anyway, it seems to me that at the time this aired, I might have thought of it as existing just so that the title could be used as a sly nod to the "Rising Sun" block of Toonami, which had aired like nine years before this. I'm probably wrong about that, though. And... I dunno what else to say about the show.

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