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The Mighty Boosh, on BBC Three (UK)
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The show shares its title with the British comedy troupe who created the show. Apparently it was originally a radio show, before transitioning to TV. The run of this show on adult swim begins with series 3, for no apparent reason. The first series (which aired after the third on adult swim) was set in a zoo (the Zooniverse), the second in a flat (which aired last on adult swim), and the third in a second-hand shop called the Nabootique, which is owned by a freelance shaman named Naboo. I guess it's below the flat from the second series. There's also a talking ape named Bollo. The two main characters are Howard Moon and Vince Noir. They're very different people, Howard seems sort of square but also seems to think of himself as hip. Or whatever. Vince is a very easy-going, trendy guy, to the point of being kind of ridiculous, I'd say. He's rather glam, and is sometimes mistaken for a woman. But anyway, they're definitely good friends, even if they're both kind of self-centered.

So, anyway, in the first series, Howard and Vince work at the Zooniverse. Naboo also works there, as a sort of fortuneteller. There's a woman who works at the zoo named Mrs. Gideon, who Howard loves, but she can never remember him. The zoo is run by a guy named Bob Fossil, who is so incompetent that he doesn't even know what any of the animals in the zoo are called. The owner of the zoo is Dixon Bainbridge, who's rather evil. Not sure what else to say about that series. The second series... well, it seems like very little time is spent in the flat (which seems to be shared by Howard, Vince, Naboo, and Bollo), but rather they all seem to end up going to odd, out of the way places. I dunno, I also notice the episodes are airing somewhat out of order on adult swim. Not that it makes much difference, there's nothing particularly resembling continuity, anyway.

Well... It's definitely a very British sort of absurdist, sometimes surreal humor, totally weird and crazy, but pretty funny. And weird. And I guess that's all I can think to say.

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