weird shows

In the old days, I had two pages for "weird shows," which I called "weird weird" and "funny weird." These were shows which I didn't feel I could put anywhere else, and while now I sort of want to rethink this, I'm still not sure... many of the shows here could go in the comedy section, or quirky, or drama/dramedy, or even science fiction or fantasy... whatever, there may be lots of different kinds of shows here, but for now I'm just going to leave it at two categories, which I'm renaming "comedy" and "drama." Most will be comedy, but there will be a few dramas, and most of those... will be things that have at least a bit of a sci-fi/fantasy vibe. But, I dunno... anything I put here just seems a little too... weird. Could be comedy shows that are too extreme in their quirkiness for me to want to put them in the quirky section. Could be... um... I dunno. I just don't know what to say about any shows I include here, except that they're weird, and I don't feel right putting them in other genres, for whatever reason. It's weird, okay?

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