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Mind of Mencia, on Comedy Central
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I guess this aired for four seasons, from 2005-08. I really don't remember how much of it I saw... probably all or most of the first season, anyway. I have no idea if I saw any of the second season, but I doubt I would have seen the whole thing, and I can't imagine I saw any of the other two seasons. Still, it's possible that at the time I was watching, I might have rated it slightly higher... say one and a half smileys instead of just one. Or maybe I wouldn't have, I dunno. Whatever, I remember thinking it was funny.

Anyway... it was mainly a stand-up show featuring comedian Carlos Mencia. There were some taped segments, too, on-the-street type stuff. But mostly it's just about the comedy. There were alot of racial and cultural jokes, he made fun of pretty much everyone, especially his own race, it seemed. Usually I don't like that kinda stuff, but I thought for the most part he did it well, and it didn't seem too offensive to me. I thought he made alot of good points about various things. You know, I didn't agree with all of it, but alot of it. And like I said, it was funny. Although there may have been some jokes I found kind of offensive.... And I dunno what else to say. The show was never that important to me, but it was okay, for awhile.

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