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Key & Peele, on Comedy Central
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A sketch comedy series starring Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. I think I first became aware of it sometime during its second season, while channel surfing. I don't remember having even heard of it prior to that, though I probably had, even if I'd never actually seen it. Anyway, I still don't watch it every week, but I watch as many episodes as I can. And most of the sketches I've seen have been pretty funny, and often fairly clever. Many of the show's sketches can be found on YouTube, although I have often found that my favorite sketch from any given episode may be the only one I can't find online, which is a bit frustrating. But there are lots of good ones online.

For the first few seasons, there were segments between sketches where Key and Peele were up on a small stage in front of a studio audience. They'd talk about stuff that might be related to the sketch they were about to show, or might seem more random. But in season four, the interstitial material is just Key and Peele talking to each other while driving through the desert, or something. Also the theme song is sung in a darker style than in previous seasons.

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