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Carol & Company, on NBC
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A sketch comedy show... sort of. Actually, it might be more apt to call it an anthology series. I mean, I know I thought of it as sketch comedy when it aired back in 1990-91, but I guess each episode was a single story (introduced by Carol Burnett, who also acted in the sketches). So really, it's a cross between the two formats. Anyway, I liked it, and I miss it.

Of course, Carol was famous for many years before this show aired, so I must've known her at least a little bit. She had at least one or two variety shows prior to this, which I never saw, as well as appearing in lots of other things. Anyway, aside from Carol, the "company" of this show included Anita Barone, Meagen Fay, Richard Kind, Terry Kiser (whom I'd later see in a couple eps of Lois & Clark), Peter Krause, and Jeremy Piven (whom I'd later see in The Larry Sanders Show, Ellen, probably some other stuff). And I guess there were also guest stars sometimes. Anyway, I still sometimes think of sketches from the show, and I thought all the actors were good. And it's still probably the thing for which I remember Burnett the best of anything I've seen her in. And, you know... I just remember the show fondly, and would love to see it again, someday.

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