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Thief, on FX
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So, in retrospect, this is sometimes called a miniseries (though it would be more apt to call it a limited series). But at the time it aired, I'm pretty sure it was billed as an ongoing series. It's just that after the initial run of six episodes, it didn't get picked up for a second season. Which really bugs me, because I thought it was pretty good. (So I am not going to put this review in my limited series section. Because I don't support ret-con lies by TV networks.)

Anyway, there's a professional thief named Nick Atwater (Andre Braugher), who was married to a woman named Wanda, who thought he was a car salesman. When she dies in a car accident, he's left to care for Wanda's daughter (Nick's stepdaughter), Tammi Deveraux (Mae Whitman), who never really got along with him in the first place. It only gets harder with her mother gone, especially once she discovers Nick isn't exactly what he seemed, when she witnesses him shooting Izzy, a member of his crew who'd been making trouble for the group. Of course, the other guys in Nick's crew wonder if Tammi might have seen that, or have any idea what they all actually do. Nick tells them Tammi saw nothing, and also that if they mess with her, they mess with him.

Meanwhile, there are other concerns. Their last job hasn't worked out so well, as Nick's fence (and old friend), Roselyn Moore (Linda Hamilton) informs him the buyers don't want to touch the money they stole, so the team isn't getting paid. They had robbed a bank in San Francisco, and now they're back at their home base in New Orleans... but the Chinese mafia in San Fran, whose money had been stolen, has sent an assassin named Vincent Chan (Will Yun Lee) to look for the thieves. Meanwhile, Nick is planning the next job for him and his team, to steal money the U.S. government is sending to Columbia to finance the drug war there. There's also a crooked cop named John Hayes who's under investigation by Internal Affairs. He finds out about Nick's group, the San Francisco theft, the Chinese mafia, and the murder of Izzy. So he tries to blackmail Nick.

And that's all I can say, except that I really wish it would have gotten a second season, because I think some stuff was left unresolved.

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