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The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, on CBC (Canada) / Sci Fi (USA)
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This was on the Sci-Fi Channel for awhile. It only lasted 22 episodes, and I'm not at all sure I saw all of them. But there definitely should have been more. I'm not sure how I'd classify it, sci-fi or fantasy, but certainly "steampunk." It was definitely pretty cool, I thought.

Anyway, we have this aspiring young writer, Jules Verne, who lived in the slums of Paris, and I'm sure it was quite interesting and romantic and all, being a struggling artist in Paris in the mid-19th century. But he somehow started traveling with this rich adventurer, Phileas Fogg, who had this dirigible on which he was constantly flying around the world getting into all sorts of trouble. Phileas's cousin, Rebecca, was a spy for the British government, and Phileas often got involved with her missions. And Phileas had a manservant named Passepartout, who flew the dirigible and was a bit of an inventor. He was funny. And um... yes, well, what can one say, really? It was quite a cleverly written and performed show, very sort of odd and interesting stories, some fantastic stuff. If I ever get to see it again, I should write up a better review.

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