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Greg the Bunny, on FOX
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A funny show, but it didn't get a chance to be as good as it might've been. (It lasted only 11 episodes on FOX; two more later aired on IFC.) But anyway, the stars included Seth Green, and Sarah Silverman, and Dina Spybey (who I knew from Remember WENN), and Eugene Levy. And real live puppets were in it. So, yay! Oh, and Greg is voiced by series creator Dan Milano, but I thought he he sounded like Steve Whitmire (who voiced a bunch of Muppets including Rizzo the Rat, Wembley Fraggle, etc.) Oh well, I was wrong.

The show was about a children's TV show, or rather it was about the people and puppets who starred in the show. Greg was a puppet who got a job acting on the show after another puppet died. His best friend was human Jimmy (Green), whose dad (Levy) was the show's director. It was all kind of weird and surreal, but pretty funny. You know, puppets were really alive, but like a minority. Not exactly the most original concept, but it had some original twists to it. And I'm not sure what else to say.

I should get the DVD someday. Although I should mention that apparently, before the show on FOX, there was a series of shorts on IFC, which I never saw. And they did more after FOX cancelled the show. I'd like to see all the shorts someday, both old and new. Also, MTV later had a series called "Warren the Ape," which was sort of a spin-off, I guess, but I never watched it.

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