Glory Days, on The WB
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This only lasted 9 episodes, and I don't know if I saw them all. Nor do I remember how much I liked the show, but I definitely remember wanting to like it. It was created by Kevin Williamson, of whom I was a fan for a few things. It was about a novelist named Mike Dolan, who returned to his hometown of Glory, where people were upset about the fictionalized versions of them that he'd put in his novel. Meanwhile, strange things were going on in town. I don't remember anything specific about it, like whether it was just a "mysterious" show or possibly a "supernatural" show, or what. I don't think I found it as interesting as I wanted to, but it was probably okay, and I'd definitely like to see it again, someday. One of the stars was Poppy Montgomery, who's been in lots of other stuff, but I don't really remember seeing her in anything but this. And Jay R. Ferguson (whom I knew from Evening Shade) was in it. And Emily VanCamp was in it; I think this is the first thing I saw her in. Frances Fisher was in it. Presumably the rest of the cast was good, too. Anyway... I dunno what else to say.

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