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Down Home, on NBC
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I think this is the first thing I really remember seeing Judith Ivey in, though I may have seen her in a movie a few years earlier. I'd later see her in the final season of Designing Women, and in The 5 Mrs. Buchanans. And I must know her from some other stuff, like voicing Eleanor in The Critic. Anyway... I don't remember this show clearly, but I'm sure I enjoyed it for the one season it lasted. (I didn't get NBC at the time, but my local CBS station must have aired it.) It was a kind of quirky little sitcom set in a Texas coastal town. (Though looking back, I always think of it as having been in a Maine coastal town, probably because I'm confusing the expressions "Down Home" and "Down East.") Um... looking online for info about the show, I see Ivey played a New Yorker who moved back to her home town in Texas to help save her family's struggling cafe & bait shop. That's basically the premise I remember, except I wasn't quite sure where she'd been or what the business was she returned to. I gotta say... cafe & bait shop? I like that. Anyway, the only other character I remember at all was a guy named Tran, who I think was like a waiter or something. And he was an Asian-American immigrant... I remember one joke about his sister, who I think had emigrated to America some time before he had, and he (and probably their whole family) had stopped speaking to her after receiving a letter in which... she said something that Tran had misinterpreted, since his English had been poor, at the time. I won't reveal the joke, though. Not that you're ever gonna see the show. Sigh. I do wish I could see it again sometime, but it seems terribly unlikely.

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