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Bent, on NBC
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This only lasted for 6 episodes. It should have lasted longer; I definitely liked it, and I think it could have become important to me, given a chance. But I really didn't have enough time to get invested in it, so... it's probably not something that's going to be greatly memorable to me. Anyway... I had written a review while it was on, which I later deleted. And then changed my mind. Dammit. I want to at least mention it, so now I have to try to rewrite a little something.

There's a lawyer named Alex Meyers (Amanda Peet), who is recently divorced (her husband is in prison for insider trading), and she's raising her adorable and precocious daughter Charlie (Joey King) by herself, pretty much. Though I guess she gets some help from her sister Susie- aka "Screwsie" (Margo Harshman). Alex hires a contractor named Pete Riggins, who is a recovering gambling addict, to renovate her kitchen. He's kind of a wiseass, but charming, and he thinks there's some sexual tension between Alex and himself, much to her annoyance. She's actually dating a surgeon named Ben. Anyway, we also see a lot of Pete's father, Walt (Jeffrey Tambor). He's a struggling actor, who's divorced. Um... Pete and Walt both bond with Charlie, which I guess endears them somewhat to Alex. Other characters on the show include Pete's crew, who help with the renovations. I never got to the point where I actually remember them by name, or anything, but they were funny. And one of them (the newest guy on the crew, who was the butt of many jokes by the others) has a crush on Screwsie. Anyway, the show was fairly quirky and amusing, well-written and acted, with interesting characters. And that's all I can think to say.

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