Politically Incorrect, on Comedy Central / ABC
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Originally on Comedy Central, this later moved to ABC. It was hosted by Bill Maher. I never watched too much of the show. Bill could be funny, but then he could also annoy the crap out of me. Anyway, he'd also have a guest panel each night with four different celebrities or other people in the public eye, or whatever, and they'd all talk about current issues and whatnot. It drove me crazy whenever I'd tune in, because often I'd want to say things, but I wouldn't have been able to even if I'd actually been on the show. It is impossible to say anything on that show without interrupting, and I can't bear to interrupt. By the time there's half a moment's silence, the conversation will have long since shifted away from what I would have commented upon. Plus, no one ever really gets a chance to finish what they're saying. And there's really not much room for rebuttal, or give and take. It's too chaotic for any truly meaningful discussion. And I don't really know what else to say. Like I said, I didn't watch it much. Still... it was kind of interesting and thought-provoking. I guess. And I do like the idea of people being allowed to express conflicting points of view....

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