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Late Night, on NBC, weeknights 12:35AM
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David Letterman (1982-93)
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Late Night's original host was David Letterman but I didn't get NBC at the time, so I never had a chance to see it, back then. He later moved to CBS, to host Late Show.

Conan O'Brien (1993-2009)
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When Letterman moved to CBS, Conan O'Brien took over as host of Late Night. I still didn't get NBC, but a friend of mine did, and I'd occasionally see it if I was over at his place. The first season was critically panned, so I think my friend and I were pretty cool to realize even way back then that Conan was cool. So was his sidekick, Andy Richter. And bandleader, Max Weinberg. I suppose the show must have improved over time, but I always thought it was great. Definitely edgier than any other talk shows. Luckily, I eventually did get NBC, so I could watch it whenever I wanted... but over the years, I started watching less late night shows. Still, I'd probably say that "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" was possibly my favorite ever late night talk show.

In 2009, Conan took over as host of The Tonight Show (albeit briefly), and in 2010 he got his own show, Conan, on TBS.

Jimmy Fallon (2009-14)
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When Conan started hosting The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon (formerly of Saturday Night Live) took over as host of Late Night. I didn't really see much of it, but it was okay. Nowhere near as good as Conan, but whatever. It's cool that he got the Roots as his band. Um... anyway, it's not something I felt greatly motivated to watch, but now that his time as host has ended, I suppose I vaguely regret not watching more of it, during Jimmy's tenure. (I did enjoy the whole "Late" parody he did of Lost.)

In 2014, Jimmy took over as host of The Tonight Show.

Seth Meyers (2014-present)
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Seth Meyers (also formerly of Saturday Night Live), became the host in February 2014, but I didn't get around to updating this review until August... and as of yet, I still haven't seen the show since he took over. I don't think I watched much SNL during the time he was on that, but I'm sure I liked him well enough whenever I did see it. And I like his animated webseries The Awesomes. So I really need to get around to watching Late Night, now that he's hosting it.

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